Since 2006, we’ve been a world leader in designing and delivering strengths-based assessment and development tools and services to help clients achieve success through unlocking people’s strengths.

Along the way there have been numerous successes, challenges and learnings. Through the collective power of our team’s strengths, we have been able to innovate, flourish and achieve strong year on year growth, enabling us to extend our leadership position within this exciting and fast-growing niche.

Major milestones in our history include:

2006: James Brook and Dr Paul Brewerton formed Strengths Partnership by bringing together decades of psychological, consulting and corporate experience. They began working on Strengthscope® which is now established as a leading strengths assessment system globally.

2007-08: Marked the validation and launch of Strengthscope® Standard, followed shortly afterward by Strengthscope360™ – the world’s first multi-rater strengths profiler. In 2008, StrengthscopeTeam™ was launched enabling clients to help teams understand and optimise their strengths and productive team behaviours.

2009-12: This was a period of rapid growth and global expansion for the company in spite of the financial crisis and economic downturn. Our first Strengthscope® international distributor was appointed in Australia, shortly followed by our second in the USA. Major strengths-based consulting and training projects were secured with leading brands like Facebook, Tesco, Legal and General and Royal Bank of Scotland.

2012-2016: New Strengthscope® international distributors were established in China, India, Ireland, the Middle East, sub-Saharan Africa and Taiwan. The company’s work was recognised for excellence by several professional bodies including UK’s Training Journal, The British Psychological Society and the Association of Business Psychologists.

2016: We’re delighted to have hit a major milestone, our 10th year in business helping create positive, peak performing workplaces. Our consulting, training and product businesses continue to grow strongly thanks to the support and enthusiasm of our clients and partners.

2017: Strengthscope® becomes the first strengths assessment in the world to achieve Registered Test Status with the UK’s British Psychological Society (BPS)

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