Strengths Partnership is a global leader in strengths-based human capital management and leadership development.

Our Strengthscope® system is the most comprehensive and innovative cloud-based strengths profiling system to energize peak performance at work

Our Vision

Delivering positive, peak performing workplaces fit for the future.

Our Values

Our values shape our culture and the way we work with clients. We strive to live our values of Passion, Pragmatism, Professionalism and Partnership everyday through our actions and decisions.

We love what we do and show positivity and passion in the way we approach our work. We do our very best to stay on the Path of Possibility in our day-to-day work, tackling challenges in a solutions-focussed way using our collective strengths, resourcefulness and initiative.
We are continuously on the lookout for ideas that enable us to innovate and stay ahead of the game, improving the value we offer to our clients in practical, measurable ways.

We deliver pragmatic, down to earth frameworks, solutions and tools designed to bring about positive change for clients based on their vision, needs and requirements. We avoid jargon and inaccessible ‘consultant-speak’, choosing instead straightforward language to communicate with each other and with our clients.

We hold ourselves to account to the highest standards of professionalism in what we do, ensuring we deliver high quality outcomes on time, exceeding the required standard insofar as possible.
We try our best to optimise our strengths as fully as possible (both within and outside our job) and put in place measures to overcome risk areas (including weaknesses, strengths in overdrive and sources of interference).
We always respond positively and as quickly as we can to all customer enquiries and questions, ensuring that we follow through in a disciplined, timely way.

We build long-term partnerships with co-workers, clients, suppliers and other stakeholders based on trust, openness, empathy and collaborative working.
We work with people from all walks of life, all over the world, and truly appreciate the uniqueness of each and every individual.
We measure our impact and seek regular feedback from clients and partners to ensure our frameworks, solutions and tools are providing practical value for clients and our working relations are constantly improving. Evaluation of our interventions is central to our brand promise.
We seek to make a positive and lasting impact on people and communities we serve – we believe that companies have a social purpose and responsibility and strive to make a social difference.
Why use a strengths-based approach?

A more positive and productive workplace

Provides a more positive, solutions-based way of approaching work which guides employees’ performance and careers.

A strategic tool for HR-decision-making

Supplements existing human resources systems by providing a powerful new framework for assessing and developing people – strengths reflect the unique contribution individuals bring to their work and provide a basis for assessing and developing people.

Proven to deliver superior results

A well-proven approach to delivering significant improvements in organisational excellence, employee engagement and customer loyalty.

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