Performance Management: how to get the ‘team multiplier’ effect

20 Nov 2017

When we think of performance management – as a process, system or series of conversations – we tend to think of managers talking to their direct reports. Perhaps providing them day to day coaching input, goal-setting, development planning, performance reviews and so on.  Which leads us to consider performance management as very much centred around [&hellip

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How to ace tough feedback conversations

02 Nov 2017

Many managers and leaders struggle with tough feedback conversations. They don’t like criticizing people and worry about undermining their relationship and the motivation of the employee if they deliver tough feedback. This often means they end up falling into one of the following traps: Avoidance – they avoid the conversation in the hope that the [&hellip

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Why strengths-based conversations should be at the heart of your new performance management system

19 Oct 2017

Speak to most managers and employees and they will tell you that appraisals are a dreaded and demotivating experience. It is no surprise then, that according to the latest Deloitte Human Capital Trends Report, more and more organizations are now experimenting with new approaches to performance management including continuous feedback, coaching and reducing the focus [&hellip

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Words create worlds so leaders (and HR) should mind their language

10 Oct 2017

Our mindset, or how we view the world, determines the words we use and these in turn impact the type of work culture we create. So, a leader or HR person who focuses on the negatives and emphasizes weaknesses, problems and issues, will end up creating a negative and demotivating work climate (see diagram below). [&hellip

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Why building psychological capital is a top priority for leaders

02 Oct 2017

Against a backdrop of sweeping and accelerating changes facing organizations today, human capital (what people know) and even social capital (who they know and how well they collaborate) are no longer sufficient to achieve high performance and consistent value creation year on year. Leaders and HR professionals need to better understand and help organizations build emotional [&hellip

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