The strength of collaboration in adversity

25 Sep 2017

Collaborating well takes thought, planning, communication, understanding, respect, humility and learning.  When it works, it seems that groups of humans can overcome almost any obstacle.  And when it doesn’t, it appears that we revert to childlike behaviour, sometimes missing our target by a long way. I thought it might be useful to share a practical [&hellip

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Identifying and developing gritty people who outperform others

19 Sep 2017

Grit, a new psychological construct offers fascinating insight into why some people succeed in their careers while others fail to achieve their goals and full potential. Angela Duckworth, a psychology researcher at the University of Pennsylvania defines Grit as the capacity to sustain both effort and interest in projects or tasks that take months or [&hellip

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Accelerating careers of graduates and apprentices

15 Aug 2017

In our work with students, graduates and apprentices, we have seen the central role the strengths approach can take in accelerating people’s careers by building confidence, certainty in career direction and flexibility in managing careers.  This article provides a little more detail on each of these important points and how you can make sure you [&hellip

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When weaknesses aren’t what they seem

14 Aug 2017

“He’s really stuck in the weeds” says the manager about one of his employees. “Tell me about why you hired him in the first place” I ask. “Well, I hired him because he has a keen eye for detail and quality” responds the manager. Why is it that we so often hire people for their [&hellip

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When positivity undermines your leadership

06 Jul 2017

We are surrounded by research about the benefits of a positive leadership approach in organizations. And I would agree, especially because it’s not about being nice or always being positive, it has been shown to be a strong way to build a great culture, bring people together in challenging times and drive teams to be [&hellip

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