Why future workplace learning needs to go beyond skill building and build psychological capital

07 Jul 2017

Many HR, Talent and business leaders are rethinking the way workplace learning is approached, designed and delivered. It is not an understatement to assert that a revolution in the world of organizational learning is occurring and the paradigms, content and formats for learning will all be significantly different in a decade or less. In addition [&hellip

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When positivity undermines your leadership

06 Jul 2017

We are surrounded by research about the benefits of a positive leadership approach in organizations. And I would agree, especially because it’s not about being nice or always being positive, it has been shown to be a strong way to build a great culture, bring people together in challenging times and drive teams to be [&hellip

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In uncertain times, stability comes from strengths

23 Jun 2017

If you’re in the UK right now, it’s been difficult to avoid a couple of things in recent weeks. First, the phrase ‘strong and stable’. Second, the sense that while strong and stable may be what we need, it isn’t what we’ve got. On the contrary, all the instability and turbulence surrounding Britain’s departure from [&hellip

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Why all HR leaders should be strengths champions to build an agile culture

20 Jun 2017

The strengths approach to talent assessment and development has been around for almost two decades. Although many of the ideas behind the approach are decades old, the modern positive psychology and strengths movement  sparked a different way of thinking – that a positive focus on strengths and solutions can be a more powerful way of [&hellip

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Leading energizing, peak performing teams: Leadership Essentials (Part 10)

02 Jun 2017

Although many organizations are still structured along functional lines, this is changing fast in recognition of the fact that exceptional delivery in every type of organization now requires strong teamwork. This is more important today than ever, as undertaking complex knowledge work requires drawing on specialized skills from across the organization, regardless of function, geography [&hellip

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