Why developing psychological capital is a top priority for leaders

11 October 2017

Against a backdrop of sweeping and accelerating changes facing organisations today, human capital (what people know) and even social capital… Read more

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7 ways leaders can become influencers

20 July 2017

Rigid ‘common and control’ organisational structures are giving way to flatter, fluid and highly matrixed organisations, which requires… Read more

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Is Coaching the Key to Reviving Our Productivity?

18 July 2017

The UK’s productivity is languishing. Recent ONS figures[1] show that we are third from the bottom of the productivity league table of the G7, the world’s seven most advanced economies… Read more

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Building an Agile Culture Using Strengths

28 June 2017

The strengths approach to talent assessment and development has been around for almost two decades. Although many of the ideas behind the approach are decades old, the modern positive psychology and strengths movement sparked a different way of thinking… Read more

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Strong Partnerships Can Make or Break your Business

25 May 2017

Creating strong partnerships and managing them effectively will contribute significantly to your success and happiness… Read more

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