Organisation Development

We partner with clients to build positive and productive workplaces capable of delivering extraordinary results. We do this by delivering culture change programmes, developing change capabilities and implementing engaging performance and talent management practices.

Our organisation development offer includes:

  • Diagnosis of an organisation’s culture, values and strengths
  • Culture change programmes
  • Translating company values into actionable plans and results
  • Engaging Performance Dialogues training for people managers
  • Resilience training for managers and employees
  • Career development programmes to accelerate employee strengths and potential

Our organisation development change framework

Our change framework underpins our work and enables us to build positive and productive cultures that optimise the strengths of individuals, teams and the organisation. Most organisations have a rich, untapped reservoir of employee strengths, skills, ideas and networks which are often ignored or overlooked during a change process.

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We believe that it is important to challenge people’s underlying beliefs and attitudes, focusing attention on strengths, solutions and shared goals, to ensure resistance is reduced and positive change is effectively implemented.

We start our work with you by helping build internal capability, while always remaining in support. This internal skills transfer is fundamental to our values as we work in partnership with you right from the start.

Our proprietary Culture and HR Infrastructure Health Check, combined with our strengths profiling and development system, Strengthscope®, provide insights into the current and desired culture and can pinpoint key change levers.

We deliver online and face-to-face development programmes to raise performance, motivation and change capability. Frequently requested programmes are:

Positive Work Practices Workshop™ 

Helps delegates to explore and develop a more positive approach to work and relationships, enabling them to be more effective in optimising strengths and behaviours resulting in high performance.

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My Strong Self™ Resilience Training

Equips delegates to maintain high performance, energy and well-being during times of stress and high pressure.

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Strengths for Success™ Career Development

To provide delegates with tools and techniques that will help them to achieve career success by optimising their strengths and skills.

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We offer a wide range of online tools and resources to maintain and enhance morale during change and build change capabilities:

  • Online and offline tools
  • Inspirational speaker events
  • Peer coaching
  • Business projects
  • Modifying performance management systems to amplify strengths