My Strong Self™ Resilience Training


My Strong Self Resilience Training equips delegates to maintain high performance, energy and well-being during times of stress and high pressure.


  • 1-day workshop
  • For managers and employees looking to strengthen their energy and resilience
  • Up to 12 participants
  • Optional peer and/or external coaching before and after programme

Delegates will:

  • Learn about the latest science behind resilience and energy management at work
  • Understand how to recognise the symptoms of work related stress: physical, psychological, organisational and personal
  • Build awareness of how to take advantage of their strengths and maintain a positive mind-set in the face of stress and pressure
  • Practice using tools, skills and coping strategies to boost their resilience, energy and performance during times of adversity
  • Work with the group to develop a personal action plan to manage a significant work challenge they face

Resources included:

  • Strengthscope® profile to help delegates identify major sources of energy and resilience
  • Self-serve tools to sustain learning and build resilience after the programme
  • “Energy wheel” to track and manage 5 sources of personal energy
  • Participant workbook

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