Strengths Coaching

Strengths coaching is increasingly popular around the world as a way to accelerate learning, performance and a positive, high energy culture.

Strengths coaching offers numerous benefits, including:

  • Drives innovation and a solutions-focused culture
  • Boosts resilience and psychological well-being to deal with pressure and fast change
  • Increases motivation and engagement
  • Helps overcome defensiveness and barriers to reducing weaker areas and other performance risks
  • Improves self- awareness and speed of learning
  • Develops diverse, high trust and peak performing teams
  • Improves performance and results

As a global leader in strengths assessment and development, we have developed a unique strengths coaching approach, STRONG Business Coaching™, that has been used around the world to help clients achieve exceptional performance.

Our strengths coaching offer includes training for you as an internal or external strengths coach, as well as coaching packages for your key talent, leaders and executives.


Strengths Coaching Packages for Key Talent, Leaders and Executives

Our strengths coaching solutions being out the best in leaders, managers and key talent through world-class coaches, techniques and processes.

Our innovative process is more powerful than typical coaching approaches in building self-awareness, positive energy, learning agility and peak performance as it achieves change through:

  • Building a positive mindset
  • Focusing on strengths, solutions and opportunities
  • Encouraging continuous stretch and improvement
  • Using more powerful techniques to tackle performance risks including weaker areas and overdone strengths
  • Building productive habits that last
  • Ensuring effective use of energy to achieve goals and well-being simultaneously

Speak to us to find out about our tailored coaching solutions, or choose from packages that we have designed to meet the needs of your leaders and your business.


Become a Strengths Coach

Whether you are a leader, manager, facilitator, trainer or existing coach and want to develop your skills as a strengths coach, we have a training program that will take your coaching to the next level.
Our world class strengths coaching training programs equip you with the insights, skills and experience to apply strengths-based tools, techniques and skills to help people achieve success through strengths.

Strengths Coaching for Results Masterclass (one-day)
This one-day masterclass provides leaders, managers and human resources professionals with practical coaching skills, tools and techniques to empower employees to excel through optimizing their strengths and skills.

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Strengths Coach Practitioner Certificate (three-days)
As well as becoming accredited to use Strengthscope®, this three-day course will provide you with the knowledge, tools and skills to use this positive and powerful coaching approach. It will also enable you to become an accredited Strengths Coaching Practitioner.

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