Talent Assessment

Our talent assessment solutions improve hiring, promotion, succession and development decisions by providing accurate and in-depth understanding of strengths, skills and risk areas for leaders, managers and key talent. Our solutions also ensure a more engaging and insightful candidate experience, building the client’s reputation and attractiveness with top talent.

Our Talent Assessment offer includes:

  • Strengths profiling to ensure jobs reflect strengths required for success as well as skills and knowledge
  • Executive/leadership psychological assessment
  • Assessing high-potentials to identify and develop potential
  • Strengths-based assessment and development centres

Assessment and development centres

Our state-of-the-art centres are designed and run by expert business psychologists and offer a more engaging and insightful candidate experience than traditional centres.

They enable candidates to showcase their natural strengths, abilities and skills in a challenging but non-threatening environment. We also measure performance risks – overdone strengths, weaknesses and cultural fit issues – and the likelihood these will undermine performance at work.

We use targeted, pragmatic and scientifically proven talent assessment techniques to measure performance and potential including:

  • Our world-leading strengths profiling system, Strengthscope®
  • OPAL™ Talent Interview
  • Work simulations
  • Personality profilers, motivation and interest questionnaires
  • Ability and potential tests

We help clients build internal expertise in talent assessment in various ways:

OPAL™ Talent Interview 

Our strengths-based OPAL™ Talent Interview is outcomes focused, comprehensive and collects information in the following four areas:

  • Outcomes/achievements related to the job role
  • Productive strengths and skills used to achieve outcomes
  • Agility to adapt to different situations
  • Learning from past successes and mistakes

We offer a range of online tools, resources and approaches to build and sustain results and insights from talent assessment projects including:

  • Executive briefings on assessment results and recommendations
  • 1-1 feedback sessions and coaching
  • Talent benchmarking research
  • Online talent assessment and resources