Strengths Coach Practitioner Certificate

Strengths Partnership has developed a unique strengths coaching approach called the STRONG Business Coaching™ process. Our research suggests that this approach is powerful in changing mindsets, behaviours and performance. All clients who have experienced it would strongly recommend this approach to their network or colleagues.

This three day course equips you with the skills, tool and techniques to deliver powerful strengths-focused coaching sessions to improve personal and business goal accomplishments. You will learn how to enable your employees or clients to build a more positive, solutions-focused mindset that optimises their strengths and reduces performance risks, including strengths in overdrive.

Alongside becoming accredited to use Strengthscope®, this certificate will enable you to boost your own performance, agility and confidence, as well as those of your employees or clients.

To become a Strengthscope® Master Practitioner you will need to attend the three-day Strengths Coaching Training course, plus one Strengths Masterclass.


7-8th June, 11th-12th October (London)

Duration: three day workshop

Delegates will:

  • Explore the new science of positive psychology and how you can apply this to help you become a more effective coach
  • Become accredited in the use of Strengthscope® and learn how to apply this world-leading profiling suite to assess and coach people
  • Understand how to apply the STRONG Business Coaching™ process to help optimize your clients’ strengths, overcome risk areas and help them achieve their goals
  • Explore your strengths, risk areas, values and assumptions, and how these impact your mindset and coaching approach
  • Practice coaching others using the strengths approach and receive feedback on your performance
  • Develop skills that you can use to deal with challenging coaching conversations and stubborn performance problems
  • Learn how to coach teams as well as individuals
  • Commit to an action plan to translate your learning into improved coaching outcomes

Resources included:

  • Strengthscope® Practitioner Certification
  • Four online Strengthscope360™ profiles for you and up to three clients
  • Coaching cards with questions that enable you get the most out of every session
  • Comprehensive Strengthscope® manual
  • Strengths Coaching workbook and logbook
  • Strengths coaching toolkit

As a Certified Strengthscope® Practitioner,  you will also receive: 

  • Access to Strengthscope® online resources, newsletter and updates
  • Membership to the online Strengths Forum run by Strengths Partnership
  • License to self-manage your own projects through the Strengthscope® system

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