July 2010 - Strengths Partnership

Strengths in Career Transition

26 Jul 2010

With the potential for a strengths-focused approach in career transition now widely acknowledged, I thought I would share with you a good news story from a partner organisation who successfully applied positive psychology and strengths principles to a career transition programme for a public sector organisation in the UK.  This programme has been shortlisted for [&hellip

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The Importance of ‘Stretch’ in Talent Development

20 Jul 2010

In the same way that a professional athlete needs regular practice and ‘stretch’ to build their physical and psychological strengths to remain at the top of their game, so do employees, particularly those with strong aspirations and potential to advance. Employees need regular opportunities to test their ‘limits’ – to see what they are capable [&hellip

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Building the Business Case for focusing on People’s Strengths and Positive Energy

09 Jul 2010

Most successful executives I have met know that to achieve sustainable performance they need to develop and build on the organisation’s core capabilities or strengths. So when McDonald’s decided to overhaul its menus to make them more healthy by adding salads and a whole range of other healthy options, it ended up destroying value because [&hellip

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Foootball, Strengths and Round Balls…What we can Learn

06 Jul 2010

It’s finally here and now in full swing – the World Cup 2010 is upon us.  It’s a fair bet that 50% of those reading this will probably stop reading right here (if you haven’t already been put off by the title of the article!) but read on, there might be more to it than [&hellip

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