December 2010 - Strengths Partnership

Taming the 500 Pound Silverback – Influencing the Alpha Male Boss

16 Dec 2010

Like 500 pound silverback gorillas, alpha male (or female) bosses who demonstrate intolerance of any challenge to their power and dominance, are probably the most challenging type of people to deal with and influence. Any attempt to challenge them head on is likely to end up unhappily for the challenger, as this plays to the [&hellip

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Team strengths – how to pinpoint them and harness them

06 Dec 2010

Never has there been a better time to unleash the power of team strengths.  With a drawn out and bumpy economic recovery in progress and ongoing restructuring of organisations, departments and teams, many employees are suffering survivor syndrome and general ‘change fatigue’, often being left unsure of the future and of how they can best [&hellip

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