April 2012 - Strengths Partnership

Are Happy Employees the Most Productive?

24 Apr 2012

Positive psychology and the strengths-based approach have become largely synonymous with happiness in the popular press and literature. This is owing to the early focus of highly influential positive psychologists like Martin Seligman, who tended to focus on the “happiness” concept more than any other. Moreover, politicians, social scientists and economists have been grappling with how to make people and societies happier given the pressures of the post-industrialised era combined with the stark reality that improvements in income levels and living standards only have a limited impact on happiness

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The Missing Piece of the Jigsaw?

18 Apr 2012

Often, when I was working for a well-known US-based Company leading a team of recruiters, we would discuss what was the best way to hire fantastic people, those who would not only do a great job, but who would love to do it as well – as I write this, it reminds me that our Employer Branding tag line was actually ’Love What You Do’! Because that is every hiring manager’s challenge isn’t it? Just because the candidate has given great answers to the several tricky competency based questions, it unfortunately does not mean that they will love the job

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We are what we repeatedly do; excellence, then, is not an act but a habit?

10 Apr 2012

Evidence is mounting that the notion of ‘talent’ – a gift bestowed upon us at birth (or long before) – is reaching the end of its shelf life. Where once there was a common belief that no matter what we did, our ‘innate’ talents and gifts would respond little to practice, development and stretch, many researchers and writers are now arguing that the opposite is true – that it is only when we stretch our strengths that we are able to achieve excellence and ultimately, mastery

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Global expansion: Strengthscope™ gains momentum in Australia

05 Apr 2012

Preceding the successful launch of Strengthscope™ in the USA and Ireland, our world-leading assessment tool first reached Australia in 2011. Strengths Partnership enjoys a fabulous relationship with leadership consultants HCI, who are exclusive distributors for Strengthscope™ across Australia. To further promote the strengths approach and Strengthscope™ in Australia, Dr Paul Brewerton was recently Down Under speaking at a number of events, focusing on strengths-based leadership and talent development and on how companies all over the world can achieve business success and move from good to great through these pragmatic solutions that optimise performance and help translate strengths into results

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Is our Modesty Becoming a Liability – Are we Strengths Shy?

04 Apr 2012

If our strengths (not our weaknesses) are our greatest opportunities for development and growth, a suggestion that is gaining increased currency in business circles, how should we overcome our natural modesty in describing our strengths to others? One of the challenges of a focus on strengths is the word itself – if we are to take a ‘strengths-focused’ approach to our development at work, this presents us with a dilemma – the need to acknowledge and then to accept that indeed we have strengths, and that it is these strengths which make us different from others

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