July 2012 - Strengths Partnership

Creating dream jobs

31 Jul 2012

The above is a fairly typical example of what I’ve experienced during numerous career conversations. What’s your dream job is a question I’ve asked not only to people looking for a career change but also employees looking for a promotion, managers in a development centre, senior managers looking to develop their leadership skills, candidates in interview, people facing redundancy or relocation, and even employees facing dismissal due to under-performance

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Rapid Learning through Positive Stretch

25 Jul 2012

This story illustrates the importance of managers’ mindset and behaviour in helping their direct reports learn and improve their performance. All managers can chose to stretch people in a tough, directive and unsupported way, which is likely to undermine confidence, learning and results. Alternatively, they can work hard to ensure employees are given support and positive encouragement when learning new skills and taking on unfamiliar tasks. As this story illustrates, the course of actions managers chooses can have a significant effect on levels of performance, confidence and motivation

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How to achieve more with less

17 Jul 2012

Despite some good news lately on the jobs front here in Ireland, the hard reality is that there have been approximately 300,000 jobs lost in Ireland over the last four years. The standardised unemployment rate for February 2012 stood at 14.2% – it was just 4.5% in February 2005. Many companies are struggling to survive, let alone flourish. In IBEC’s latest pay survey (Q4 2011) they found that 74% of business said they planned to freeze or reduce basic pay rates in 2012. Without money to incentivise and employees being asked to do more for less how can any business ever dream of achieving growth or be expected to improve the experience of their customers

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Why organisations need to maximise average

11 Jul 2012

started running as a way of keeping myself away from the cigarettes I had just given up. I thought it would be an effective way of repairing some of the damage I had doubtlessly done to my health. Years later and I still run frequently. Despite taking part in numerous races my motivation to run is not about winning, and it’s definitely not about staying off the smokes anymore. My motivation to run comes from the act itself

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Effective Leadership starts with the Right Mindset

06 Jul 2012

Leaders are faced with challenging situations and opportunities everyday. Choosing how one responds to these situations are “moments of truth” for leaders, and will determine their effectiveness and impact on individuals, teams and the organisation

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