August 2012 - Strengths Partnership

How to improve and Enhance Relationships and Collaboration through Strengths II

29 Aug 2012

Step 2: Discover What Makes You Different and Unique and Strengthen This Brand Everyday Spend time exploring and building your brand essence, i.e., the difference you want to make at work based on your aspirations, strengths and values. Choose 2-3 standout strengths to develop and become well known for (just like a champion athlete or top performing artist). Put in place a plan to build complementary skills and practice new or productive habits in these strength areas

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How to Improve and Enhance Relationships and Collaboration Through Strengths

22 Aug 2012

Enhancing your awareness about your strengths using a validated strengths profiler like Strengthscope™ can help you improve your understanding of how you come across to others as well as how you can improve your relationships with key stakeholders. Once you know your strengths, use this awareness to

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Strengths-based coaching for culture change & leadership effectiveness at Samaritans

20 Aug 2012

At the recent Coaching at Work Conference in July 2012, James Brook, co-founder and Director of Strengths Partnership, and Claire Watt, Executive Director for People at Samaritans ran an interactive workshop for around 30 participants illustrating how strengths-based coaching can be used to bring about culture change and develop middle manager effectiveness and confidence. Samaritans is a leading UK-based charity whose purpose is improving people’s emotional health in order to create a greater sense of well being

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What the greatest teams in the world know about strengths

15 Aug 2012

Having just returned from a crucial London 2012 Olympic basketball match between Australia and Russia, I feel compelled to share a most amazing moment in the match…a moment that had the crowd on its feet while the winning team mobbed their teammate…and a moment which absolutely demonstrates the power of productively applying team strengths and developing strong team habits

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The Most Important Question Every Leader Should Ask

07 Aug 2012

In today’s highly volatile, complex and fast changing environment, there is one key question that every organisational leader should be asking to evaluate their effectiveness and this is simply: To what extent are my actions positively energising the workforce

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