October 2012 - Strengths Partnership

Getting the Competitive Edge

23 Oct 2012

Getting the edge requires more than just knowing your strengths. You must also know how to use them within your team. Sam, a sales director with an international biotech firm, did just that. He saw the competitive edge come through with his team while working with Strengths Partnership to develop a program that would lead them to success

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Challenging Leaders to Push Boundaries to Deliver Peak Performance and Positive Engagement

15 Oct 2012

Learn how leaders within the world’s most successful organisations are unleashing workforce strengths, engagement and innovation. We have an exclusive workshop and networking event coming up on the 28 Nov 2012 at the Institute of Directors in central London. Our guest speakers are David Zinger, Director of Zinger Associates and Founder of the Employee Engagement Network, and Michael Farry, HR Director for PhotoBox

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Getting the best from your leadership strengths

09 Oct 2012

Following on from a series of interesting articles that have attracted our attention in the past few months, including Kaplan and Keiser , Tony Schwartz and most recently Zenger and Folkman , we’d like to weigh in with our views on leadership strengths and how to get the best from them. Fundamentally, we believe that a leader can achieve and sustain the highest levels of performance when they are able to effectively manage both their strengths and their performance risks

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A More Pragmatic Approach to Strengths-based Development

08 Oct 2012

I have been a big fan of Tony Schwartz’ work which I have been following for the past decade or so; his work around energy management has inspired my own thinking around building peak performing workforces through releasing energy, strengths and engagement

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