January 2013 - Strengths Partnership

Stretch – Leading Beyond Boundaries: Unleash the Full Energy, Ideas and Strengths of Your Organisation

31 Jan 2013

There are lots of academic leadership books on the market. What sets Stretch apart is the fact that it is written as an short, engaging fable full of practical concepts, techniques and tools designed to translate the latest research in the areas of positive psychology and strengths-based people management into measurable results

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Re-ignite your passions in 2013 –take control of your career

15 Jan 2013

The New Year is here, and no doubt this means for many of us it’s a time to assess the past year of 2012 and look ahead for exciting opportunities in 2013, and of course make those all-important resolutions. Whether yours will be healthy eating, exercise, reassessing relationships (the famous Facebook cull) or considering your career next steps. Let’s start this New Year as we mean to go on – positively

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Pitfalls of Perfectionism

08 Jan 2013

We meet many perfectionists in the course of our work. A lot of these are in managerial and leadership positions, which is of course no surprise as perfectionism often goes hand in hand with a strong need for achievement both at work and in one’s personal life. Perfectionism can be defined as a tendency for being dissatisfied with anything that is not perceived as perfect or does not meet the person’s extremely high standards. Of course, perfectionism is a subjective state as one person’s idea of perfection might differ significantly from another’s. The costs of being a perfectionist are typically very high, not just to the leader personally, but also for their team and/or organisation

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Strengthening Your Leadership Habits in 2013

04 Jan 2013

Your ability to achieve great things in 2013 will be dependent on your ability to discover your ‘Leadership Edge’ – the reason others will want to follow you – as well as the disciplined practise you put into strengthening and polishing four essential leadership habits. To move from good to great, you will need to first discover your leadership edge, in other words, the unique and powerful qualities that you can bring to leadership roles. There are 4 main aspects that make up your Leadership Edge

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