May 2013 - Strengths Partnership

5 Steps to Building a Highly Engaged, Productive Workforce

28 May 2013

The UK has a poor record of engaging employees at work. Numerous surveys from different organisation show that only around one third of UK workers report being engaged or highly engaged, which puts it in ninth place for engagement levels amongst the world’s 12 largest economies as ranked by GDP (Kenexa 2009). There are numerous theories and models of employee engagement, many of which are overcomplicated, inaccessible and highly academic in nature

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Guest Blog from Strengthscope USA: [ Strengths:60 ] Strengths Basics

21 May 2013

Each week the Strengthscope U.S.A. team will release a new video in the Strengths:60 series with tips, tricks and insights into strengths focused leadership, coaching and development. This week we go back to the basics and examine exactly what strengths are and why they’re important

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