November 2013 - Strengths Partnership

Strengths Partnership and PhotoBox shortlisted for the TJ Awards – Best Leadership Development Programme

21 Nov 2013

PhotoBox leads the way in enabling consumers to create physical products out of digital content. Its business is all about innovation and its people and change team recognises the importance of innovating too. Taking an existing leadership team and structure, they designed and delivered a six-month programme that changed the organisational culture and drove customer [&hellip

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Strengths Partnership Proudly Host Peking University Delegation

18 Nov 2013

Recently, Boris Johnson and George Osborne undertook a well-publicised and successful visit to Peking University in China, a leading University in China which is becoming increasingly famous around the world. Not to be outdone by our politicians, we too have been building stronger relations with Peking University and expanding our business in China. In October, [&hellip

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7 Significant Strengths Applied to Employee Engagement

14 Nov 2013

Strengths and performance. There is a very strong connection between the application of personal strengths and employee engagement. Gallup has demonstrated the relationship in many studies including a dramatic finding on engagement, strengths, and performance: If a manager did not talk with an employee about their performance there was a 40% chance that employee was disengaged. If a manager only talked about deficiencies and weaknesses there was a 22% chance the employee was disengaged and if a manager held strength based conversation there was only a 1% chance of disengagement (Tom Rath). The lack of strength based conversations are detrimental to performance, engagement, and ultimately organizational results

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Reinventing Performance Appraisals – Time for a Fresh Approach

06 Nov 2013

One of the most frequent questions we hear HR decision-makers and professionals asking is why it is that arguably the most powerful tool available in the HR arsenal is yielding such abysmal results. In any other discipline, a tool with such a poor track record would almost certainly have been thrown out or radically changed, but we appear unable or unwilling to formulate alternatives that leave employees feeling motivated to raise their performance and engagement to levels organisations require to remain successful in today’s hyper-competitive, fast-changing business environment

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Positive Work Academy launch event a great success!

04 Nov 2013

Thank you to all who joined us for our inaugural Positive Work Academy event on Tuesday 29 October. The event was a great success and we were delighted to welcome such a great group of people – including HR, talent and OD decision makers from BP, Barclays, PhotoBox, Phaidon, EDF Energy and many more! James Brook, Joint Managing Director of Strengths Partnership, opened the event introducing the Positive Work Academy as a community for like-minded individuals to get together, network and share ideas on what it takes to build a positive, productive work culture of highly engaged employees

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