January 2014 - Strengths Partnership

Time for HR/L&D Professionals to Retool for NextGen Human Resources

30 Jan 2014

Most HR/L&D professionals recognise that their most important role is to enable leaders and managers to create a motivating, high-performance workplace. But how do you motivate employees to work at the upper ranges of their potential and effort while at the same time delivering improved morale, wellbeing and resilience

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How to measure engagement levels

17 Jan 2014

One of the things we are routinely (and rightly) asked by clients is ‘How can we measure the effectiveness of our L&D solutions?’ As L&D teams come under increasing pressure to justify spend on training and development in order to protect their budgets, and as businesses wrestle with the challenge of keeping their workforce engaged and upskilled, at the same time as keeping their belts tight as the economy slowly recovers, this question has never seemed more relevant

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