July 2014 - Strengths Partnership

Research summary of using a strengths approach with employee engagement, customer satisfaction and business performance

29 Jul 2014

Some research was recently conducted in the customer services department of a leading online photo service, looking at the relationships between using a strengths approach with employee engagement, customer satisfaction and business performance

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Strengthscope® – the international dimension

21 Jul 2014

When we first started out on our journey to develop Strengthscope® in the mid noughties, we wanted to ensure that the tool had global appeal. For us, this meant using universally applicable concepts and language. We were very aware that some other strengths assessment profiles available at the time used concepts or language that was tricky to understand in some regions, or in some sectors of the workforce. So we wanted to make Strengthscope® accessible and understandable to as many people as possible right from the get-go

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Mandela’s 4 Greatest Leadership Gifts

18 Jul 2014

There are few leaders who can match Nelson Mandela’s monumentous contribution to the betterment of society and leadership. Even among the greats like Ghandi, Lincoln, Churchill and Martin Luther King, Mandela’s global impact is unsurpassed in our era. During the past week, as we mourn Mandela and remember his greatness, there have been countless eulogies [&hellip

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Strengthening Leadership Effectiveness with StrengthscopeLeader™

16 Jul 2014

We are delighted to announce the launch of the beta version of the world’s first strengths-based 360-degree leadership profiler. This powerful online tool builds on Strengths Partnership’s growing portfolio of solutions to help leaders identify and optimise their own and their followers’ strengths, including our Strengths Accelerator™ development program, our leadership book, Stretch – Leading Beyond Boundaries, and a powerful suite of online development resources

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Using your strengths to get that job

14 Jul 2014

The vast majority of theories of learning and development – and therapy, come to that – all say pretty much the same thing; that what we are unaware of controls us, and that of which we aware, we can control – and more importantly, can make sure those attributes work for us. If we know what our skills and strengths are, we can make sure we use them to our advantage. And that is very important when job hunting because if we are sure about what our Unique Selling Points are, we can make sure potential employers know what they are too

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