September 2014 - Strengths Partnership

The Number 1 priority for HR Directors

29 Sep 2014

A large number of HR Directors are still struggling to gain recognition and credibility as strategic contributors to the top team. This is hardly surprising as many still fail to engage with strategic goals that will create true value for the organisation. Rather, they often get bogged down in tactical issues like implementing new bonus schemes, hiring junior staff or helping fight fires on the employee relations front

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5 cardinal sins of recruitment…and how to avoid them

15 Sep 2014

As the economy starts to improve and more organisations are hiring, the quest to hire and retain the most talented employees begins afresh. But the world is changing, and employees’ expectations are changing, faster than ever before. So here are some top tips to ensure that your recruitment process is in the best possible shape to attract and keep top talent

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5 tips for managers to uncover team brilliance

08 Sep 2014

“I occasionally see these flashes of brilliance in my team, but how do I see this more often?”

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