December 2014 - Strengths Partnership

What Santa can teach us about Strengths and Leadership

15 Dec 2014

Christmas is a time when we look to sharing time with loved ones, and inspiring them with gifts that (hopefully) we enjoy finding for them – and they enjoy receiving. It is also a time when, whether we are 4, 44 or 84 years old, we are reminded of a Leader that all of us have been inspired by throughout our lives. But did you know how much of a strengths focused approach Santa inspires

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Time to retire competency systems?

09 Dec 2014

Perhaps it is time to retire traditional competency systems, not because we’ve found the silver bullet to replace them, but because they’ve simply had their day and are no longer creating value for organisations.

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A delegate’s perspective on Strengthscope Accreditation

02 Dec 2014

I have a confession to make. I am a newbie. I recently became an Accredited Partner for Strengthscope® , and was so impressed with my experience of it, I thought I would share it with those thinking about doing the same

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