January 2015 - Strengths Partnership

Strength(s) to break through the glass ceiling

26 Jan 2015

Despite numerous efforts from governments, organisations and individuals around the world in encouraging more women in power, gender inequality is still very real. The argument for more women in our boardrooms is actually quite simple: women make up half of all consumers and represent 47% of the entire workforce

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Talent vs Practice – A lesson from Ed Sheeran

20 Jan 2015

Ed Sheeran recently appeared on The Jonathan Ross Show and being a fan, I eagerly watched the interview. Jonathan Ross was poring over the star’s incredible fame and success, attributing the success to his incredible talent, to which I was intrigued to hear Ed Sheeran was quick to dismiss

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How to give more powerful feedback and enable lasting change

12 Jan 2015

One of the daily challenges for people in today’s busy workplaces is to deliver powerful feedback in a way that will be heard, understood and will lead to lasting change. You may have something important that you want to say to a manager, a direct report, a peer, a customer, or other significant person in your life (perhaps even outside of work)

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Becoming The Leader

05 Jan 2015

Leadership development paradigms are typically formulaic, packed with best-practice models and generic programmes. But what if leadership is more idiosyncratic than we thought?

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