March 2015 - Strengths Partnership

The greatest leaders are strengths optimizers

19 Mar 2015

Great leaders know how to stretch their own strengths and the strengths of their people. Like NASA’s pioneering leaders in the 1950’s, so brilliantly portrayed in the blockbuster movie, The Right Stuff, they find people with the right strengths for the job and put their strengths to work from the outset. This involves stretching people outside their comfort zone to test their limits across different situations

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Creating a positive coaching culture that delivers results

10 Mar 2015

The importance of embedding a coaching culture has recently been recognized by Deloitte University Press’ Global Human Capital Trends 2015. The report states that it is important to “build a new performance management culture: encourage ongoing feedback, enable effective coaching through training…….to shift the performance management culture from an emphasis on top-down evaluation to continuous development.”

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