April 2015 - Strengths Partnership

How strengths-based coaching accelerates positivity and performance

23 Apr 2015

Strengths-based coaching is now one of the most used coaching methodologies in business today. This reflects a growing appreciation of how strengths-based coaching significantly contributes to successful coaching outcomes – including higher levels of positivity, engagement and sustained peak performance.

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Why challenger banks need strength(s)

07 Apr 2015

Challenger banks are growing in visibility and importance in the banking sector. For those yet to come across the term, these banks are (typically smaller) challengers to the major high street retail banks of Lloyds, Barclays, RBS, HSBC. They include M&S Bank, Virgin Money, Tesco Bank, Metro Bank and several others. As you can see, they are a mix of new entrants, recognised brands who have developed a banking operation, as well as some larger operators (e.g. RBS) who are in the process of divesting part of their operation to become a challenger brand

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