June 2016 - Strengths Partnership

The dangers of fear-based leadership: Lessons from Brexit

29 Jun 2016

Last Friday morning, like millions of others who voted in the referendum, I awoke shocked to the core to find that the UK had chosen to exit EU. As a proud British citizen and business leader, I am still struggling to come to terms with the idea of a ‘divorce’ from what I deem on [&hellip

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The myth of the well-rounded leader

23 Jun 2016

“We are looking for well-rounded leaders. Can you help us develop them?” is a request I have heard all too often from HR and senior executives over the 25 years I have been in talent and leadership development. The search for the ‘unicorn leader’ – the elusive person who is excellent at everything that goes [&hellip

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How leaders can avoid tripping themselves up when changing jobs

17 Jun 2016

Changing jobs can be one of the most stressful events that leaders experience at work.  Faced with wave after wave of new information, people, challenges and uncertainty, it can be all too easy to feel isolated and overwhelmed.  But with preparation and planning, and a continued focus on our progress and on our strengths, any [&hellip

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Work cultures fit for the Digital Age

14 Jun 2016

Fast-growing digital or web-based companies are being buffeted by uncertainty and disruptive changes that are quickening in both speed and magnitude. In this challenging  environment, success will ultimately depend on a company’s ability to attract, retain and motivate the best technical, commercial and leadership talent from around the world to sustain high levels of innovation, [&hellip

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Six simple steps to overcome the greatest challenge

06 Jun 2016

The Rio Olympics are just around the corner, so athletes from all over the world are making their final preparations to take on the greatest challenges of their lives. Their superhuman standards seem near impossible for any normal mortal to attain and so we sit back and marvel at the dedication, skill, focus and hunger [&hellip

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