July 2016 - Strengths Partnership

The business impact of defining what great looks like within the graduate population

29 Jul 2016

Increasingly organisations are seeing the value in having a clear profile for successful hires. This typically provides guidance around key attributes and commonalities that drives high performance and retention. The benefits include: Codifying ‘fit’ Allowing an organisation to connect current and new employees with the purpose and vision Developing a shared understanding of what great [&hellip

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Strengths and neuroscience: developing a strengths focused habit

25 Jul 2016

There is a wide range of evidence that for all of us humans there are a huge range of benefits to be had from adopting a positive outlook and focusing on our strengths. Here are a few things I think we would all like on our CV and on those around us. People who think [&hellip

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Building a workforce with the passion to excel

21 Jul 2016

In the first blog, “Which is more important for excellence – passion or perseverance?”, we looked at the growing importance of passion in ensuring organizations  have people who have the energy and commitment to go “above and beyond” to achieve exceptional results in environments characterized by ever greater change, complexity and uncertainty. In this blog we [&hellip

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Developing purposeful and positive cultures for success in fast-growth digital/web companies

12 Jul 2016

Last Thursday, 7 July 2016, we hosted the first meeting of the Digital Talent Forum, a brand new networking group for HR and Talent professionals in fast growing digital and web companies. The aim of the group is to promote learning, collaboration and sharing of good practice across digital and web businesses to build positive [&hellip

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Which is more important for excellence – passion or perseverance?

07 Jul 2016

Increasingly passion is being highlighted as a key ingredient for success at the individual, team and organizational levels. In today’s rapidly changing business environment, companies need passionate people who can drive outstanding and sustained performance improvement. According to recent research by Deloitte, up to 87.7% of America’s workforce is not able to contribute to their [&hellip

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