August 2016 - Strengths Partnership

Carnival of strengths and successes

31 Aug 2016

  5 Lessons Businesses Can Learn from Team GB In 2012, I wrote about what a triumph the London Games had been for all involved – the competitors, organizers, athletes and spectators. Back then, I, like so many others in the country, felt an immense sense of national price, hope and optimism. In a remarkable [&hellip

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Why our managers need to be more like coaches

19 Aug 2016

With organizations such as Deloitte, Adobe and Accenture challenging traditional past focused performance reviews for a more positive, solutions, future focused approach. A lot of other organizations are starting to follow suit. Recognizing the need for managers to have more regular check-in conversations throughout the year. Changing the conversations from an annual transactional one to [&hellip

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Strengthen your relationships and get more done!

15 Aug 2016

We seem today to be surrounded by devices, books, ideas, apps to help us get as much done in as short a time as possible.  Many of these approaches have merit and (sometimes) we do seem to get more done in a day than was ever possible even a few years ago.  Another, more old [&hellip

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Exposing common misunderstandings about strengths-based approaches to people management

10 Aug 2016

First, Break All The Rules by Marcus Buckingham and Curt Coffman was first published in 1999 which means that the strengths approach to talent assessment and development has been around for almost two decades. Although many of the ideas in the book were introduced by others such as Peter Drucker as early as the 1960’s, [&hellip

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Helping teams optimize their strengths

05 Aug 2016

Despite all the change and churn going on in the world today, some teams still manage to raise their game and performance to another level.  Whether in sport or in commerce, while unusual, these examples are not hard to find.  But how do they do it?  Well whether they label it as this or not, [&hellip

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