September 2016 - Strengths Partnership

Why strengths-based selection delivers better results than competency-based approaches

22 Sep 2016

Momentum is growing across organisations to re-energize the interview process and provide an alternative to competency based interviews (CBIs). Whilst CBIs have added a great deal of structure to the difficult process of selecting the right person for the role and organisation, an over-reliance on the approach has led to: Well-rehearsed candidates – making it [&hellip

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Exposing common misunderstandings about strengths-based approaches to people management

16 Sep 2016

First, Break All The Rules by Marcus Buckingham and Curt Coffman was first published in 1999 which means that the strengths approach to talent assessment and development has been around for almost two decades. Although many of the ideas in the book were introduced by others such as Peter Drucker as early as the 1960’s, [&hellip

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