October 2016 - Strengths Partnership

Why optimizing our strengths is going to be crucial for business success in 2030: 3 key takeaways from ABP 2016

27 Oct 2016

Technology is advancing faster than ever, and whether we like it or not it is effecting how we work, communicate and collaborate. Since 2015 the British Army have started to incorporate virtual reality into their recruitment process, Uber have developed autonomous cars (making the need for a driver redundant) and LinkedIn now have over 450 [&hellip

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Making tougher feedback conversations easier and stronger

24 Oct 2016

Many managers and leaders we meet struggle with tough feedback conversations. They don’t like criticizing people and worry about not only the conversation, but also the relationship and motivation of the employee after the conversation. This means they end up adopting one of three sub-optimal approaches: Avoidance – managers often avoid the conversation altogether in [&hellip

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Helping leaders overcome an obsession with weaknesses

21 Oct 2016

The strengths-based approach to talent assessment and development has been used by some of the leading companies around the world for almost two decades now and is becoming one of the fastest growing trends in human resources. In fact, a recent Forbes articles listed strengths-based leadership as one of the fastest growing trends driving business [&hellip

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Leaders as workplace energizers

14 Oct 2016

There has been a lot of focus on leaders as charismatics, visionaries and strategists, however, this ‘great man’ approach to leadership is very dated and there is little evidence of a link between these qualities and effective leadership outcomes. In today’s hyper-competitive, complex and fast-changing environment, leaders can’t be super-heroes or all-rounders. Rather, they need [&hellip

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Why culture change is all about energy management

10 Oct 2016

Having supported several clients through significant organization restructure and change recently as well as experiencing significant growth challenges and changes within our own business at Strengths Partnership I’m always reflecting on how important it is to learn how best to cope with these increasing work challenges and changes that are often unexpected. Change undoubtedly affects [&hellip

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