November 2016 - Strengths Partnership

Staying positive in tough times: Leadership Essentials (Part 2)

11 Nov 2016

Staying Positive in Tough Times: Leadership Essentials (Part 2) Every day leaders face tough challenges and changes impacting their organizations. Choosing how to respond in any given situation provides a “moment of truth” which determines how a leader is perceived and their impact on the organization’s results. Most leaders find themselves alternating between the two [&hellip

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The art of inquiry: Leadership Essentials (Part 1)

07 Nov 2016

The value of inquiry or powerful questioning is now well established and becoming even more relevant given today’s hyper-competitive, fast changing and complex business environment. Some of the benefits include: Inviting people to share diverse perspectives and ideas Empowering people to think for themselves and arrive at the best possible solution Influencing people using a [&hellip

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