January 2017 - Strengths Partnership

Why strengths-based programs can’t ignore weaknesses

26 Jan 2017

The modern strengths-based approach to managing people has been around for nearly 20 years, although many of the central principles and ideas were first introduced by management gurus like Peter Drucker and Dr Bernard Haldane long before this. The central premise is that focusing on strengths is a more powerful way of accelerating learning and performance [&hellip

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Delegation: The hard work of letting go: Leadership Essentials (Part 4)

20 Jan 2017

Too many leaders hang on to tasks they should be delegating and end up working long hours and feeling overwhelmed, stressed and frustrated. They convince themselves they are indispensable and others simply cannot do the job as expertly as they can. Deep down, these leaders simply don’t want to let go. This is demoralising, frustrating [&hellip

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The Good, the bad and the ugly: Lessons from Trump’s leadership

19 Jan 2017

On the eve of Trump’s inauguration as President, I would like to use a great Spaghetti Western movie title, which seems very relevant given his character, as a structure for exploring his leadership strengths, risk areas and key lessons we can draw for leadership in business and more generally. The Ugly Let’s start in reverse [&hellip

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How to stay strong as a leader in uncertain times

17 Jan 2017

2016 was a bit of a whirlwind of shocks, surprises and information overload.  What with Brexit happening in the UK, Donald Trump being elected US president, continued global economic turbulence and a barrage of new information and technology coming towards us at breakneck speed, many were left wondering ‘what does it all mean?’ by the [&hellip

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Setting Clear Expectations: Leadership Essentials (Part 3)

11 Jan 2017

Most leaders assume they have set clear expectations, however, our experience suggests that this is one of the most poorly practiced aspects of leadership. It is arguably also the most important. Why expectation-setting is such an essential tool A lack of clear expectations not only undermines performance and results within a team, but also impacts [&hellip

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