February 2017 - Strengths Partnership

The Spirit of Care – Vital Leadership Imperative for the 21st Century

28 Feb 2017

  We have been fortunate enough to be a proud partner of Nelson Mandela Children’s Fund for several years now and a couple of us recently attended the NMCF UK 20th Anniversary Birthday Celebrations at Madame Tussauds in London. It was a fabulous evening and one of the highlights for me was a speech by the [&hellip

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Common barriers to a coaching culture and how to overcome them

22 Feb 2017

Coaching is arguably the most vital part of an organization’s learning and development strategy today. It has numerous advantages as a way to accelerate learning and performance, including the highly contextualised and personalized nature of the approach to meet vastly differing learning requirements and styles. Coaching can also bring about a more empowering, inclusive and [&hellip

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Leveraging your strengths to lead a better work and home life

17 Feb 2017

The underlying qualities that energize us, and we are great at (or have potential to become great at)”. Brewerton and Brook, 2014. Everyone has them, and everyone is unique in the strengths, talent, knowledge and skills they have that help them to do what they do best every day. The key is to uncover these [&hellip

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Engaging performance conversations: Leadership Essentials (Part 6)

08 Feb 2017

Formulaic, time-consuming and demotivating, is it any wonder two-thirds of organisations feel the current approach to appraisals is in need of review? The bureaucracy and tedium surrounding existing processes has driven high-profile management consultancies and leading brands – such as Deloitte and Adobe – to stop using traditional appraisals altogether. It is beyond doubt that [&hellip

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Why all leaders should be strengths coaches: Leadership Essentials (Part 5)

06 Feb 2017

Why coaching is so powerful  When highly successful people like Microsoft’s Founder, Bill Gates, and Google’s ex CEO, Eric Schmidt, talk openly about the importance of coaching, you know it must be important. But why is it important and how do we coach in a way that is both effective and efficient? Coaching is now [&hellip

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