April 2017 - Strengths Partnership

Developing persuasive powers to light up the organization: Leadership Essentials (Part 8)

27 Apr 2017

The ability to persuade co-workers and other stakeholders (customers, investors, suppliers, etc.) is arguably the most important skill a leader requires to energize people and get things done in 21st century organizations. Rigid ‘command and control’ structures are giving way to flatter, fluid and highly matrixed organizations and this requires skilful relationship building and influencing [&hellip

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Ensuring your leadership improvements stick

13 Apr 2017

Let’s face it, breaking old habits is hard.  In fact, research suggests that building new habits is a LOT easier than breaking old ones (Duhigg, 2012).  Even so, a recent study revealed that it takes an average of around sixty-six days to change a habit (Lally et al, 2009).  So how can we shift our [&hellip

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Proven ways to boost your energy and productivity: Leadership Essentials (Part 7)

06 Apr 2017

Many leaders we talk to are feeling overwhelmed, stressed and frustrated with their workloads and constant change. They take on too much, work too hard and end up feeling burnt out. The impact of this doesn’t only damage their physical and psychological wellbeing, but undermines the effective functioning of their organization and family. For example, [&hellip

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