At Strengths Partnership we have global partners across the world who distribute our Strengthscope® products and strengths-based solutions.

Our partners are:


Contact: Nick McEwan-Hall
Tel: 1300 006 324 / +61 3 9531 5967

We are the Open Door Coaching Group! One of Australia’s leading workplace coaching organisations. We coach managers and leaders to coach their teams, we do one-on-one executive coaching, fantastic workshops and we are a registered training organisation.

We believe in workplaces where everyone is reaching their potential; where we deal with reality in a positive way and where we achieve amazing results together.
We are a group of highly talented individuals who love what we do! We are passionate about making a difference in the workplace and bringing out the best in the people we work with.


Vivi Chen

Shanghai Jihuihang investement management consulting co., LTD was  founded in 2013 and located in Zhangjiang hi-tech park of Shanghai, is a provider to service enterprises with Business strategy consulting, Talent development, Organization optimization, Investment management and other professional services. Jihuihang has the Human resource service company and Business management company in Shanghai.


Contact: Vikas Bhatia
Tel: +91 20 6646 2900

Pragati Leadership is a pioneer in the field of Learning and Development. With close to 30 years of experience, we have partnered with 700+ organizations in over 18 sectors across 25 countries, to provide solutions in the areas of Leadership Development, Organizational Transformation and Developing Collaboration. We use a unique “Wholesomeness” approach in our work, which is a combination of the spiritual wisdom and practices of the East and the systems-oriented thinking (tools and techniques) of the West. This approach is reflected extremely well in the Strengthscope™ assessment tool, which allows us to employ tools in our programs to identify the deeper areas within an individual that need to be impressed upon to create a deep rooted, permanent and positive impact.


Contact: Theophilus Wong
Email: or
Tel: +6012 2045400 or +603 7733 7001

An award-winning consulting firm in South East Asia with the tagline “Building Teams, Moulding Leaders’, Fish Camp Learning is a household name for their team building and leadership development programs. One of our core expertise is team and leadership coaching.
Our vision is to become a force for good in the society by transforming people to improve lives through self-discovery, learning and coaching. Our team comprises of highly qualified and passionate coaches/consultants/trainers who wants to make a difference in the people and organization we work with.


New Zealand

Contact: Ruth Robertson
Tel: +64 22 019 9067

Executive Strength helps organizations become more effective and achieve success through focusing on people’s strengths. They have been around since 2010 to bring a more inspirational, positive and scientifically based approach to organisational, leadership and team development. They believe that organisations achieve lasting success through activating the positive and productive energies and strengths of its people.


Contact: Lent as
Tel: +47 90 93 08 63

Lent is the most significant consultancy environment in Norway working in the field of strength-based Development and Process Leadership. We use Positive Psychology, Social Constructionism, Appreciative Inquiry and Systemic approaches to help organisations find their strengths and put them to work. Lent is always working together with its clients to help them identify their purpose and goals, and to ask the crucial questions. Identifying and applying strengths is a powerful way of developing individuals and teams in new ways. It creates positive energy, motivation, high performance and good results. Strengthscope® is our preferred assessment tool to identify individual and team strengths. The Lent team is highly qualified with extremely skilled and very experienced consultants.


Contact: Anna Lewis

Bright Leadership development programs deliver real success in transforming your most important resource – people – into highly effective leaders. Effective leadership is necessary at all levels in a successful organisation and our Leadership Development programs help you to build teams that work closely together and deliver the results that will set you apart from your competitors.

Sub Saharan Africa

Contact: The JVR team
Tel: +27 11 781 3705

Jopie van Rooyen and Partners (JvR) is a leading psychologist assessment distributor and part of the JvR Group of companies across South Africa and Sub-Saharan Africa.


Contact: Joseph Chen
Tel: +886 2 25953039

CONTI International Consulting Company – Achieving Excellence with Global Vision

Conti International is one of leading consulting companies based in Taiwan. Our aim is to provide our clients World-Class training courses, professional consulting services as well as HR total solutions with global views leading to sustainable success.

We value our client and each of their needs. We believe people brings difference, and passionate about working with top executives to make strategic decisions. Our unique approach helps organizations to improve performance through talent management and focus on strengthen Leadership Skills, Communication Skills and thus develop Positive Mindsets in their workplaces.

The Netherlands

Contact: Esther Akpomukai
Tel: +31 652 860 453
Website: &

Light Up Your Talent is a strengths-based people assessment and development company that supports individuals in becoming aware of their ENERGY PROFILE and TALENT POTENTIAL. Our transformative programs help individuals bring their potential to life and organisations create a culture of positive leadership, enabling peak performance and high employee engagement.

Light Up Your Talent came into existence in 2012 and consists of a group of experienced workshop facilitators, coaches and organizational advisors with many years of management and HR experience within global and corporate environments. Our expertise is in people assessment, personal development, leadership development and team development.


Contact: Anissa Norris
Tel: (855) 367-4493

Strengthscope U.S. manages distribution and training for the Strengthscope® product suite in the United States territory. Strengthscope® is the world’s most comprehensive and innovative strengths assessment and development system, helping leaders and organizations achieve peak performance by leveraging energy and strength in their workplace.

Certified Resellers and Distributors

We are currently appointing resellers and distributors for our products in the UK. We are seeking to collaborate with distribution partners who have a genuine passion for the strength-Based approach and significant experience of the HR and Talent Development markets.

As a reseller, you will gain membership to a limited and exclusive club and benefit from advantages ranging from brand recognition and outstanding customer service support for you and your clients, in addition to uncapped revenue opportunities.

Contact us for more information.