Daily drainers and how to avoid them

22 Mar 2017

So we all have those days. Days where we just seem to only be doing the stuff at work that we DON’T enjoy. The bits of our job that we just wish would go away or that someone else would do or that we just pretend aren’t really there. But they don’t go away, do [&hellip

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Why many work-based assessments will fail the test of time

02 Mar 2017

According to a recent article in Harvard Business review, more than 76% of organizations use assessments tests (mainly personality and ability tests) when hiring and this figure is expected to climb to 88% over the next few years (Chamorro-Premuzic, 2015). Using assessment for development purposes, including career and team development, is also growing rapidly as [&hellip

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The Spirit of Care – Vital Leadership Imperative for the 21st Century

28 Feb 2017

  We have been fortunate enough to be a proud partner of Nelson Mandela Children’s Fund for several years now and a couple of us recently attended the NMCF UK 20th Anniversary Birthday Celebrations at Madame Tussauds in London. It was a fabulous evening and one of the highlights for me was a speech by the [&hellip

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Leveraging your strengths to lead a better work and home life

17 Feb 2017

The underlying qualities that energize us, and we are great at (or have potential to become great at)”. Brewerton and Brook, 2014. Everyone has them, and everyone is unique in the strengths, talent, knowledge and skills they have that help them to do what they do best every day. The key is to uncover these [&hellip

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The Good, the bad and the ugly: Lessons from Trump’s leadership

19 Jan 2017

On the eve of Trump’s inauguration as President, I would like to use a great Spaghetti Western movie title, which seems very relevant given his character, as a structure for exploring his leadership strengths, risk areas and key lessons we can draw for leadership in business and more generally. The Ugly Let’s start in reverse [&hellip

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