Selection & Strengths Assessment/Recruitment

Identifying and developing gritty people who outperform others

19 Sep 2017

Grit, a new psychological construct offers fascinating insight into why some people succeed in their careers while others fail to achieve their goals and full potential. Angela Duckworth, a psychology researcher at the University of Pennsylvania defines Grit as the capacity to sustain both effort and interest in projects or tasks that take months or [&hellip

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Why strengths-based selection delivers better results than competency-based approaches

22 Sep 2016

Momentum is growing across organisations to re-energize the interview process and provide an alternative to competency based interviews (CBIs). Whilst CBIs have added a great deal of structure to the difficult process of selecting the right person for the role and organisation, an over-reliance on the approach has led to: Well-rehearsed candidates – making it [&hellip

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The business impact of defining what great looks like within the graduate population

29 Jul 2016

Increasingly organisations are seeing the value in having a clear profile for successful hires. This typically provides guidance around key attributes and commonalities that drives high performance and retention. The benefits include: Codifying ‘fit’ Allowing an organisation to connect current and new employees with the purpose and vision Developing a shared understanding of what great [&hellip

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Developing purposeful and positive cultures for success in fast-growth digital/web companies

12 Jul 2016

Last Thursday, 7 July 2016, we hosted the first meeting of the Digital Talent Forum, a brand new networking group for HR and Talent professionals in fast growing digital and web companies. The aim of the group is to promote learning, collaboration and sharing of good practice across digital and web businesses to build positive [&hellip

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5 cardinal sins of recruitment…and how to avoid them

15 Sep 2014

As the economy starts to improve and more organisations are hiring, the quest to hire and retain the most talented employees begins afresh. But the world is changing, and employees’ expectations are changing, faster than ever before. So here are some top tips to ensure that your recruitment process is in the best possible shape to attract and keep top talent

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