Strengthscope® Profiling System

Using strengths to accelerate your career development

20 Feb 2018

In our latest publication – the Strengthscope® Handbook – we showcase all 24 work-based strengths and describe how they can be developed and stretched in order to become even more powerful tools that can help drive your career forward. We also provide clear advice on using your own unique strengths to maximize your effectiveness when [&hellip

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Ditch the resolutions and focus on building a positive mindset in 2018

05 Jan 2018

Many people start each new year with good intentions and resolutions, however, most break these within a few weeks. One of the reasons for this is not just that long standing habits are tough to change as author Charles Duhigg points out in his bestselling book, the Power of Habit, but that our mindset may [&hellip

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Words create worlds so leaders (and HR) should mind their language

10 Oct 2017

Our mindset, or how we view the world, determines the words we use and these in turn impact the type of work culture we create. So, a leader or HR person who focuses on the negatives and emphasizes weaknesses, problems and issues, will end up creating a negative and demotivating work climate (see diagram below). [&hellip

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Why many work-based assessments will fail the test of time

02 Mar 2017

According to a recent article in Harvard Business review, more than 76% of organizations use assessments tests (mainly personality and ability tests) when hiring and this figure is expected to climb to 88% over the next few years (Chamorro-Premuzic, 2015). Using assessment for development purposes, including career and team development, is also growing rapidly as [&hellip

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Leveraging your strengths to lead a better work and home life

17 Feb 2017

The underlying qualities that energize us, and we are great at (or have potential to become great at)”. Brewerton and Brook, 2014. Everyone has them, and everyone is unique in the strengths, talent, knowledge and skills they have that help them to do what they do best every day. The key is to uncover these [&hellip

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