Team Developments

Performance Management: how to get the ‘team multiplier’ effect

20 Nov 2017

When we think of performance management – as a process, system or series of conversations – we tend to think of managers talking to their direct reports. Perhaps providing them day to day coaching input, goal-setting, development planning, performance reviews and so on.  Which leads us to consider performance management as very much centred around [&hellip

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The strength of collaboration in adversity

25 Sep 2017

Collaborating well takes thought, planning, communication, understanding, respect, humility and learning.  When it works, it seems that groups of humans can overcome almost any obstacle.  And when it doesn’t, it appears that we revert to childlike behaviour, sometimes missing our target by a long way. I thought it might be useful to share a practical [&hellip

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Your peak performing team in just 10 minutes

10 Mar 2017

Last week I attended by far the best leadership program I have ever attended. As a relatively new sales leader I was introduced to an ‘essential leadership’ three letter concept known as DAC; Direction, Alignment, Commitment and I wanted to share my reflections on how to build your peak performing team in just 10 minutes. [&hellip

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Delegation: The hard work of letting go: Leadership Essentials (Part 4)

20 Jan 2017

Too many leaders hang on to tasks they should be delegating and end up working long hours and feeling overwhelmed, stressed and frustrated. They convince themselves they are indispensable and others simply cannot do the job as expertly as they can. Deep down, these leaders simply don’t want to let go. This is demoralising, frustrating [&hellip

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Talent management: predictions for 2017 and beyond

06 Jan 2017

The pace of change in the UK and globally is continuing to accelerate at breakneck speed and we can expect these changes in technology, economics, politics, and society to shape talent management and strengths significantly during the next 10 years. 2016 saw some seismic and unexpected changes including Brexit and the shock election of Donald [&hellip

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