Strengthscope® Practitioner Certificate

Our Strengthscope® Practitioner Certificate programme is designed for you to gain knowledge and tools on how to develop people using their strengths. You can also visit the Strengthscope® website here.

This practical and interactive training programme is delivered by one of our expert strengths facilitators and you will learn the business case and benefits of transitioning to a strengths-based approach when managing and developing people. You will also gain knowledge on:

  • The background and psychometric properties of Strengthscope®
  • How to develop people to realise their full potential
  • How to translate awareness and knowledge of your own and others’ strengths into success
  • How to provide constructive and appreciative feedback and coaching based on the Strengthscope® report
  • How to translate learning into practical, business relevant outcomes

If you are already Strengthscope® accredited view our Strengths Masterclass offering to see how you can develop further and become a Strengthscope Master Practitioner.

Strengthscope® Practitioner Certificate programmes available:

We offer a customised in house training option for groups of 5-12 people

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This is designed for those unable to attend our open programmes. The package includes a distance learning pack together with two phone/web based training sessions (including feedback practice) with a senior Strengthscope® trainer.

£700 +VAT 

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