Strengthscope® Practitioner Certificate

Become an expert in strengths facilitation

Our Strengthscope® Practitioner Certificate programmes provide an overview of the business benefits of transitioning to a strengths-based approach to managing and developing people. Our expert consultants will provide insights into the background to the Strengthscope® profiling and development system including psychometric properties of the profiler as well how to translate awareness and knowledge of strengths into success.

We offer a variety of programme formats to suit your needs including our open programme, in-house training and virtual learning.

Before you can purchase any of the Strengthscope® profiles, you will need to complete an Strengthscope® Practitioner Certificate programme.

How do I become Certfied?

To get started, register on our Strengthscope® Practitioner Certificate or StrengthscopeTeam™ Accreditation Training programmes.

Certification around the world

We have a network of global partners who provide Accreditation Training around the world. To find a provider in your region, visit our global partners page.

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