Strengths Masterclasses

Our Strengths Masterclasses are a continuation of our Strengthscope® Accreditation Training to build on your current skill-set and knowledge of Strengthscope®.

Whether you’re an HR professional, consultant or using Strengthscope® to develop your own team, our Strengths Masterclasses will equip you with tools and skills to facilitate training sessions with your colleagues and clients.

My Strong Self™ Resilience Masterclass 
Equips you with the self-awareness, skills and tools to maintain high performance, energy and well-being during times of stress and pressure.

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Strengths for Success™ Career Development Masterclass 
Provides you with positive and empowering tools and techniques that will help to accelerate career success by optimising your strengths and skills while at the same time reducing the impact of risks to performance.

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Strengths-Based Interviewing Masterclass 
Provides you with the tools and skills you need to conduct strengths-based selection interviews for internal and external recruitment.

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The Energizing Leader Programme
Provides you with critical insights, skills and the latest strengths-based tools that engage and positively stretch leaders, inspiring people and delivering extraordinary results.

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