Peak Performing Teams

Become qualified to deliver strengths-based team development programs to improve team results, positive energy and ways of working. Gain access to a large toolkit of team development tools covering all aspects of team performance.

You must be a Certified Strengthscope® Practitioner to attend this Masterclass.

Date: 9th May, 18th Oct
Location: London
Duration: 1 day workshop
Cost: £795 + VAT

By attending our Peak Performing Teams masterclass you will know how to:

  • Learn about the latest science behind peak performing teams
  • Understand how to move teams through a proven pathway to peak performance
  • Helps teams to build a positive, solutions-focused mindset that delivers sustainable results
  • Learn how to apply StrengthscopeTeam™ and our vast range of tools to improve clarity, trust, accountability, change readiness and stretch.
  • Explore ways to optimize team strengths and minimize performance risks/blockers
  • Receive coaching and guidance from other delegates to help you devise a development plan to improve team effectiveness

Resources included:

  • Large suite of electronic tools to support a wide range of team development applications
  • Peak Performing Teams Workbook

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